Không truy cập được share folder trên window

So I followed all the advices and voodoo tricks on the thread that did not lead anywhere and found another one that finally fixed it.

My specs and situation: Windows 7 Home Premium cannot access the shared folders on any computer on my home network (same workgroup) especially not the ones off my NAS. Tried sync’ing the clocks, disabling IPv6, removing the 4to6 network adaptors (I had none), messing with secpol.msc (not available on W7 Home), the firewall is off, sharing is allowed and so on…

Finally what fixed it was re-enabling the “Client for Microsoft Networks” in the network adapter settings:

– go to Network Connections, right click the one you use -> “Properties”
– “Install” -> “Client” -> “Add”

click “Microsoft”, click OK, reboot and my shared folders appeared!!



Bạn phải đảm bảo rằng các dịch vụ sau đây được Enable và để chế độ Automatic để máy tự động Enable vào các lần khởi động sau.
1. DCHP Client.
2. Homegroup Listener.
3. Homegroup Provider.
4. Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper.
5. NetTcp Port SHaring Service.
6. Network Connections.
7. Network List Service.
8. Network Location Awareness.
9. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper.